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Admission Policy

DEFSEC Atlantic presented by the Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association is open to employees of Exhibiting Companies, employees of Non-Exhibiting Companies & Organizations, Government Employees, Military Members, Academic Professionals, University/College Students, Accredited Media and Invited VIPs. Depending on the type of attendee, there are different requirements when it comes to payment required for entry into the event.

Anyone wishing to attend the exhibition is highly encouraged to pre-register online. Walk-In Registration on-site during the event at the Registration Area will also be available, however the check-in process is much faster for those who pre-register online.

All attendees upon first entering the venue must check-in at the Registration Desk. There will be no mass pickups of passes permitted. Please note that at peak entry times during the day, you may expect a delay.

General Guidelines

All registrants admitted to the event are subject to the General Guidelines as outlined below in our Admission Policy. Show Management reserves the right to exclude or remove anyone from the event who does not comply with this policy.

  • In order to enter the venue in-person, all attendees must comply with our posted COVID-19 Attendance Policy shown below:
    • At the current time, we are NOT requiring any proof of vaccination to be declared or presented upon arrival, in order to participate in this year’s event.
  • All attendees, volunteers/staff, contractors and venue staff must follow established COVID-19 regulations and to follow directions of any related signage, etc. If attendees fail to comply with any of these regulations, it can constitute grounds for removal from the event without a refund (if applicable).
  • No person under the age of 19 years, including children of any type of attendee, will be admitted during the duration of the event.
  • All attendees acknowledge that only the Organizer’s official admission badge, worn by the person named on it, will permit admission into DEFSEC Atlantic. No other forms of identification will be permitted for entry into the event.
  • No person named on the badge or the company, firm or business, which that person represents may permit the badge to be worn by another person. Wearing of this badge by any person nor named on this credential may be viewed as fraudulent use of identification and be subject to removal from the exhibition.
  • All persons attending the event must produce government-issued photo identification upon check-in at the event. Examples include a passport, driver’s license, military-issued identification or other government-issued ID’s with a photo. Note, identification must be current and not expired.
  • Any person found to be registering to attend the event using false information or fraudulent credentials or deliberately with-holding information will have their application automatically denied and may be subject to prosecution.
  • Without prejudice, Show Management reserves the right to exclude any person(s).
  • No photography or filming of an Exhibition Booth is allowed without the expressed permission of that booth representative.
  • Closed-Circuit security cameras will be in operation at all times. The CCTV system is subject to the Halifax Convention Centre’s Privacy Policy which can be made available upon request.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to photograph and/or video record any portion of the event. By attending the show, visitors permit Show Management to use any photographs and/or footage taken.
  • No sponsorship, promotional, marketing, political or any article to be used for a commercial or charitable purpose or prohibited materials may be brought into, used or displayed by any person inside the event without the express written permission of Show Management.
  • Any person in possession of non-permitted items will be refused entry to or ejected from the venue and site, and may be subject to prosecution. Prohibited items include knives, fireworks, explosives, smoke canisters, aerosols, air-horns, noisemakers, flares, weapons, dangerous or hazardous items, illegal substances (such as alcohol or drugs), laser devices, bottles, glass vessels, cans, poles, or any article that may compromise public safety or which may pose a hazard or nuisance to any other person.
  • Canvassing is not permitted.
  • All persons attending the exhibition are expected to wear at least “Business Casual” or “Dress of the Day” if attending in military uniform. The Opening Reception taking place on Tuesday evening is a more formal event with an expectation of “Business Formal” for civilians or if attending in military uniform, at least “Tunic with no Medals”.

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